Raindrops LitVerse Festival is a celebration of literary works, life, and the metaverse. This festival brings together people from all over the world to experience the joys of virtual reality and the beauty of literature in a family-friendly environment.

We dedicate raindrops LitVerse Fest to bringing together people who share a passion for literature and arts. We aim to provide a creative space where like-minded people can share their ideas and experiences with one another. Our goal is for this event to be interactive and practical, encouraging attendees to create meaningful connections over both their shared interests and new ones that develop over the course of the festival.

We can achieve development in the creative economy through the initiatives of people and fast-moving technological advances. The theme is to explore the future of creativity in Web3. This theme will be a great opportunity for youth to educate themselves on what needs to be done to push Bengaluru to the forefront of India’s creative economy and how they can contribute to it!

Raindrops LitVerse Festival is happening from 10am onwards on 11 and 12 June from at Street 1522, Sarjapura Bengaluru

Free registration, free NFTs



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